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Qeros Tours Peru values and respects your privacy. We collect the necessary information to satisfy your travel requirements. Qeros Tours Peru ensures that any information or request sent to our agency will not be forwarded, transferred or sold to any other person or agency. All correspondence and documentation are considered private and confidential, so it will stay that way.

We may disclose certain information to the representatives and to trusted service providers who work with us to assist with the sole purpose of providing services to customer orders (airlines, hotels, ground transportation & other local providers).

These third-parties are not allowed to use this information for any purpose, except to satisfy the requirements of your travel program.

What information is collected by Qeros Tours Peru and why? 
We collect the information you provide when you send a form, a gift card, an Email or call us. This information can include:

* Your name and other information: for booking services.

* Your E-mail: to send documents related to travel if necessary.

* Your e-mail address: this is the best way to learn about your travel program.

* Your phone number: to tell you something urgent about your travel program.

We may also collect information that you submit about other people, for example, the name and address (email & postal) of people who are traveling with you or are recommended by you.

How to recognize when Qeros Tours Peru changes its privacy policy?

Our privacy policy is regularly reviewed to ensure we continue serving the interests of our clients. If our information is subsequent to changes, then it will be reported on our website.

How do I contact you if I have questions for Qeros Tours Peru?
You may contact our travel consultant: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will respond to your questions or comments within 24 hours. We may also file your comments and share them with our customer care team in order to improve our services in the future. Your personal information will only be shared with other parties in case we need to follow up on any comments or specific questions regarding your order. These third-parties will not use your information for any other purpose.

If you have any doubts or questions, please do not hesitate to contact Qeros Tours Peru at: info.qerostours.com

Thank You.


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