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The Manú National Park is a place where you can get lost to start a really thrilling adventure if you like to face the possibility of risks about encountering a tiger or an anaconda just in front of you. It remains almost as untouched by civilization as it was more than 70 years ago, and before becoming protected by the Peruvian government, the MNP was protected thanks to its inaccessibility. It stays fairly inaccessible by road to this day. It is the largest NP in Peru, covering a total area of 18,811 km². 

This is a short introductory 3-day stay in the Peruvian Amazon jungles, where you can really feel yourself keeping in touch with the immaculate wild nature, surrounded by trees and more trees into a dusky twilight.


Day 1: Cusco – Teparo Lodge: We leave from Cusco by private bus, stopping first to visit the pre-Inca burial towers of Ninamarca. We then drive you through the mountains, to get to the typical and folkloric town of Paucartambo. Here we will have a short walk around town before continuing on to Acjanacu Pass, the highest point and entrance to the Manu National Park. From here, we will drive down our car into the Cloud Forest and at the San Pedro hamlet we will walk for around 1 hour to watch the National bird of Peru, the "Tunki" (Cock-of-the-Rock) and many different kinds of monkeys, plants and flowers. At the Atalaya port we will aboard our boat down the Alto Madre de Dios river to the site where we will spend the night, we will sleep in the Teparo Lodge.

Day 2: Teparo Lodge: After breakfast, we will walk in the jungle around Teparo Lodge, appreciating the flora & fauna and the different kinds of wild plants, mammals & birds; e.g.: the Red Howler monkeys, Collared peccary, White-lipped peccary, Black Spider monkeys, Egrets, Herons, Cormorants, medicinal trees, giant tress, etc. After lunch, you will have time to swim in the river. In the afternoon & evening, we will walk into the jungle and visit a lake and get on a balsa raft, giving us the chance to see many different types of wildlife, and the beautiful sunset too. After dark, we will have the opportunity to catch & grab baby crocodiles !.  For dinner, we will make a bonfire and have some drinks and a BBQ surrounded by guitar music, the jungle and the stars. We will sleep in the Teparo Lodge or if you prefer, by camping on the river bank.

Day 3: Teparo Lodge – Cusco:We will get up early to visit the parrot clay lick and after breakfast we will return to Atalaya by boat where our private bus will be waiting for us to take us back to Cusco via the Cloud Forest & Paucartambo. We will arrive in Cusco in the late afternoon.

Tour includes:

• Private bus and boat.
• Rubber boots and rain poncho.
• All camping equipment.
• Bilingual native guide.
• Mineral water.
• First-aid kit.
• 3 meals per day.
• Cook.
• Soga de Oro Lodge (1N).

What do we advise to bring ?

• Sleeping bag.
• Repellent with a minimum of 25% DEET.
• Binoculars.
• Camera with extra memory cards & batteries.
• Flashlight with extra batteries.
• Sun lotion.
• Pocket money.
• Daypack.
• Water bottle.
• Sun hat.
• Sandals.
• Swimming clothes.
• Toilet paper.

• Dark clothes.

* The program can change according to weather, river conditions & wishes of the group.


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